Welcome to Threats to Pets, a blog about pet poisons

When I started working in the field of veterinary toxicology, I was struck by the lack of available poison information to the average owner. While many websites and services are offered to guide you and your vet through the process of treating your poisoned pet, it’s fairly difficult to find out information on what treatments are needed, and why. Information on dangerous substances is also quite scarce.

So I decided to start Threats to Pets – a blog about my field of knowledge, geared towards helping pet parents understand what toxins are common, and why they are toxic.

This blog is not geared towards giving treatment advice, but rather to alert you to common poisons and to delve into what they do to your pets. If your pet has been poisoned, contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center or the Pet Poison Helpline for immediate treatment recommendations.

If you wish to contact me directly with specific questions about your pet, you can now contact me or another specialist via Just Answer/Ask A Vet to speak one on one about your issue.