Animal Poison Control Numbers

The ASCPA Animal Poison Control Center

  • (888) 426-4435

  • The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is a self-supporting branch of the ASPCA.  Self-supporting means that they don’t receive ASPCA donation funds to keep themselves operating. You can actually visit these pages about the services and programs that receive donation money throughout the ASPCA: grants, animal rescue, animal placement, and animal protection. These are all EXTREMELY worthy programs, they just don’t include poison control. Again, the cost of running the center comes from the owner receiving the service.
  • Their fee is $65.00
  • They always have veterinary toxicologists available.

The Pet Poison Helpline

  • (855) 764-7661

  • The Pet Poison Helpline is part of a company called “SafetyCall International PLLC”, which is an independently owned company.  They work together with industry manufacturers (this is your pharmaceutical companies, your chemical production companies, product manufacturers, etc.) to help collect and report adverse events, tell people how to manage poison situations, and provide advice to medical professionals. This is all done at a cost to the companies, the people calling for advice, and the medical professionals.
  • Their fee is $65.00
  • There may or may not be a specialized veterinary toxicologist available.