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Is your home cleaner safe, non-toxic, and #PawNatural?

Non toxic cleaner

This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM to help spread the word about Only Natural Pet and its pet-safe cleaner. But Threats to Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.

Do you have a pet-safe cleaner at home?


It must be kismet! Readers requested that “finding a pet-safe cleaner” be the  “spring poison topic”  by a large margin.

Only Natural Pet® sent us a box of goodies that included pleasantly scented pet-safe cleaner to review!  You can imagine our excitement!

Well, you can imagine my excitement. The cats only gave it a cursory sniff before moving on to the other more exciting things. (There was a plethora of treats, foods, and other flavored goodies in the box).

Only Natural Pet® is a leading supplier of sustainable, natural pet products operating out of Boulder, Colorado. While they do sell organic products and grain-free foods from other companies, they also have a company-produced line of products. The company’s holistic vets produce the products in-house. This includes a line of freeze-dried raw food. The dehydrated raw food is awesome! One 7-pound bag re-hydrates at home to the equivalent of 40 pounds of raw dog food.  You only want to do this for 1-3 days of food at a time, but the remaining dehydrated food will stay fresh and storable for far longer.

There are plenty of opportunities to use a good cleaner in my house!


So, while the cats spent the next few days (literally) climbing the walls to get at the bag of goodies that I stashed in a high cupboard, I started doing my research into the ingredients of the Pet Stain and Odor Remover!

Whatever they put into their treats, it must smell extremely good, because they finally managed to climb to the top cupboard (!!!!) in my kitchen and drag a bag of treats down. (See, it even happens to the best of us)!

Luckily, I caught them in the act, so they did not manage to devour the whole thing.  I’m hoping I won’t see their over-exuberance come back to haunt them. We’re used to cat vomit in our house, but at least I’m now ready and armed.

As you can see from the label, it boasts an enzymatic formula, a nice scent (which is very pleasant), and it cleans multiple surfaces in the home.

Does it hold up to its claims?  I will be investigating this cleaner thoroughly over the next couple of weeks.  If you want to investigate with me, it is available for purchase through the Only Natural Pet website!

Is this cleaner multi-purpose?

Enzymatic surface cleaners have had a surge in popularity lately.  People are wanting to make the switch from chemical cleaners to something more environmentally appropriate.  The informational snippet on this product claims that it works not only on urine, vomit, and feces, but also on blood, mildew, and any other similar substance.  As it reads, you could theoretically use this as an everyday cleaner in the kitchen or bathroom as well.

We might have an alternative to chemical cleaners before we even start examining them!

Information gathering on a particular product takes a little bit of time.  On top of emailing the company to get more detailed information than what ends up printed on any given label, I’d like to do a little field testing to see how the Pet Stain and Odor Remover actually works when put to the test. In the meantime, I also want to publish an article on what you guys want to hear the most:  What’s so unsafe about chemical cleaners?

So keep an eye out to see how it goes!  Once I’m armed with information, I will give everyone a good review of our possible alternative to chemical cleaners, and we will have all the knowledge of the concerns for toxicity in the forefront of our minds!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • Pinning!!! I just did a major house clean today and had to evict the furkids while I did so. Thanks for introducing this product.


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