2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Toxicology!

  • You have peaked my curiosity so I’m signing up for your ABC’s of Toxicology, so cool that you will be blogging a whole list for 26 days.

    As a writer, I try to keep myself under due date pressure to produce drafts and polish work. I enter contests or guest blog, etc. After completing my work for today, I’ll hunt your page up on Facebook.

    Really enjoying our new connection with you on Twitter, which I prefer but the “Faceburger” brings in more visitors to my Dog Leader Mysteries blog.

    Looking forward to reading your blog more.
    Happy New Year 2016,

    • Much appreciated! This blog really is a labor of love for me, and if even one person reads and learns, I’ve done my job! I’ve followed you back on WordPress (love your blog, too) and I’d be happy to share some of your posts on Facebook, too. Your post about Xylitol was refreshing to see! So many pages about chocolate! 😀


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